your arm's off. (conspicuousjess) wrote,
your arm's off.

i got to talk with my dear!!!

ok. so tonight i found this story jonathan wrote when he was in 5th grade (he used to write lots of stories when he was little), and thought it was funny.
here it is, verbatum:

"'Skunk Cabbage Legend' Jonathan Pruitt 5K

One day there was a little skunk who loved to watch gardens grow. So one day the skunk went to the store and bought some cabbage seeds. The next day the skunk planted his cabbages, 45 days after the skunk planted the seeds a cabbage grew.

Later in that week the skunk's tail landed on the cabbage and one leaf stuck to his tail and it fell off in his swampy back yard. Next spring there was a big rock that fell into the back yard right where the cabbages leaf fell and there was one of the worst smells on earth. In a few moments the skunk smelled it and though it was a lady skunk and so he ran out to see that the smell came from undergroud and so he dug and saw that there was a plant that had grown in his back yard and so he named it the skunk cabbage."

jonathan also taught me a new word he learned today:
"gagglevuck": a bunch of happy children.

i love a good little brother, don't you?
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